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Watch Out! Tilapia Discovered Full of Dangerous Tapeworms! Watch Here!

Filipinos love to eat and the meals we serve are filling, delicious and often inexpensive to make. Our culture has a wide variety of ‘ulam’ – the main dish served with rice – which includes stews, roasts or the simple fried item. 
A popular viand of we Filipinos have is the inexpensive, widely available freshwater fish tilapia. Tilapia is called by fisheries as the ‘aquatic chicken’ because it breeds and grows quickly, making it a readily available choice for any meal.
However, you might want to consider choosing other fish after this video of a tilapia being cleaned went viral.
Youtube user STPH Staff uploaded a video where a fish vendor extracted a bunch of tapeworms from the fish he was cleaning. 
The short video clip features the fish vendor filleting the fish as the customer records the process. A few seconds into the video it was revealed that a long tapeworm was inside the tilapia. The vendor then expertly pulled pieces of the tapeworm out using a knife. The customer recording the process commented “Ya’ll better skin your fish” – reminding anyone viewing the video to always clean their food stuff.
The video has since garnered 76,567 views as of writing.

The US National Library of Medicine has stated people can get infected with tapeworms easily if they consume improperly cleaned and undercooked fish.
Netizens have since spread the word and the video, reminding everyone to always be cautious of the food they purchase from the market. Remember to have your fish cleaned thoroughly before cooking.

Source: Cracker Daily
Watch Out! Tilapia Discovered Full of Dangerous Tapeworms! Watch Here!

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