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WATCH: Scientists Discovered ‘Hell’ In Real Life!

When the word ‘hell’ is being talked about people tend to be scared. It is because of the belief in the religion that anyone who does wrong deeds will be punish in ‘hell’. 
Hell is a place mentioned in several religions where the spirits of the mankind who committed evil acts and sins are led to suffer. 
It has been always described as a place filled with perpetual fire. Too hot that it is impossible to be survive. 
But based on the post of Wonderful Engineering, they claim that there is an existing planet that is close to the description of hell. 
It has eternal despair and fiery pits. They have called it Cancri 55. The hemispheres of this realistic planet are consisted of darkness and the other is burning lava. 
The temperature can be up to 2, 000 degrees while on the night time it is at 1, 500 degrees Celcius.

A video posted by NASA (@nasa) on Mar 30, 2016 at 2:55pm PDT
Source: ChosenTrendsNASA

Source: Trending News Portal
WATCH: Scientists Discovered ‘Hell’ In Real Life!

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