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WATCH! This Flight Stewardess Saves a Girl From Human Trafficking While In Flight

Being a flight stewardess has lots of perks, from free travels to an extremely high pay. However, like any other job, job stewardesses are exposed to a lot of dangers.
This flight stewardess, however, saved someone else’s life. Something happened on board that prompted flight stewardess Sheila Fedrick to rescue a girl from being trafficked to another country. 
Sheila noted that in her ten years of stewardess experience, she has never encountered such a scenario, so she had no idea how to approach it. 
The story goes that Sheila saw a well-dressed gentleman who was travelling with an unkept-looking girl around 14 to 15 years of age. 
According to her, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something about them was off. “Something in the back of my mind said something is not right,” she recounted in her interview with WTSP. 
“He was well-dressed, that’s what kind of got me, because why is he well-dressed and she (the girl) is looking disheveled and out-of-sorts?” 
When Sheila asked the girl some questions, she noted that it was the man who kept on responding in her place. The man wouldn’t allow the girl to talk to Sheila. The flight stewardess then whispered and told the girl to excuse herself and go to the plane’s restroom. 
Sheila, as it seemed, decided to left a note in the restroom. However, the girl’s response shocked her. “She wrote on that note that she needed help,” the flight sterwardess recalled. 
Sheila didn’t knew what to do so she alerted the pilot on-board regarding the situation. When the plane landed on their destination, the police were ready to apprehend the man. Apparently, the flight stewardess just saved the girl from human trafficking. 
The girl was supposed to be sold off as a prostitute, or worse, as a slave. Sheila said that she gave the girl her number, in case something else happens to her. A few weeks later, Sheila received a call from her. According to the girl, Sheila was a “guardian angel in disguise” for saving her that time. 
The flight stewardess noted, “I’ve been a flight attendant for ten years and it’s like I am going all the way back to when I was training and I was like, I could have seen these young girls and young boys and didn’t even know.” What she was referring to was human trafficking and how it could be done right under their noses. 
Well, it seemed like the flight stewardess did her job well! Hats off to you, Sheila! Here’s her whole interview below! 

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Source: Cracker Daily
WATCH! This Flight Stewardess Saves a Girl From Human Trafficking While In Flight

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