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Weird Al Yankovic’s parody on Lady Gaga’s Born this Way


Weird Al Yankovic known for doing parodies of popular songs since 80’s particulary the hey day of Michael Jackson and Madonna up to the 90’s is back again to do the same with Lady Gaga’s Born this Way.

Weird’s parody of Gaga’s Born this way is entitled Perform This Way. From the music video which already have 490,334 as of this posting, shows Weird of doing what Gaga normally does during her performances, music videos and awards ceremony like at MTV VMA 2010 when her PETA critisize meat dress.

Weird Al, posted on his blog

the venerable satirist recorded a parody of “Born This Way,” entitled “Perform This Way,” which was going to be the “one elusive ‘big idea’ for a parody that [Yankovic] thought [he] could turn into the lead single and video.”

Yankovic releases his latest album Alpocalypse today with spoofs on Taylor SwiftMiley CyrusT.I. and Bruno Mars. Among the spoofed artists, Gaga’s camp who didn’t like what Weird made. According to news, Gaga’s camp wanted to hear it first before Weird releases it in public, and it didn’t happened ever since Weird started his career.weird-al-yankovic-perform-this-way

Weird on the other hand, did since she asked for it but unfortunately Gaga went says “No“. Since Weird Al has his own personal ethics regarding intellectual property, he didn’t follow Gaga. And it wasn’t for money. It was told that he was going to donate the income from the song to the Human Rights Campaign as it is.

Enjoy Weird Al Yankovi’s Perform This Way video below. May Lady Gaga also enjoy, because we are 🙂


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