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What Willie Offered To ‘Carrot Man’ Was Unbelievable! MUST WATCH!

The Carrot Man’s wish of meeting Willie Revillame was granted. But it did not only happen once. Jeyrick was also invited to guest on the show of Willie called ‘WowoWin’
It was the time that the two got up close and was able to talk for a while. Jeyrick was there along with his father. The people behind the viral photos were also present on the show. 
Jeyrick told Willie how hard their life has been. He also narrated how he sacrificed and started working at the age of 12 years old to be able to help his family. 
He could not believe what was happening. Jeyrick even got emotional after stating his story
He was given several gifts but the best gift that he received was the promise of  Willie to send him to a school. Willie will be paying for his tuition fee so that he could finish his studies.

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Source: TodayInManila

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What Willie Offered To ‘Carrot Man’ Was Unbelievable! MUST WATCH!

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