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When A 13-Year-Old Boy Disrespected His Mom, He Never Expected THIS To Happen… WHOA!

One of the most difficult phases of parenthood is dealing with a child in their teen years. That’s when the hormones kick in and things start to change dramatically. They become moody, act out, question authority, and get into the most trouble.

Today we’re going to be looking at an example of just that. When Heidi Johnson realized her 13-year-old son, Aaron Johnson, was lying about his homework, she decided to lay down the law. Heidi restricted his internet access until he shaped up in school.

However, Aaron did not take this punishment lightly. He told his mother that he’s an independent person who cannot be controlled. Aaron backed this argument up by saying he is making money off YouTube and deserved to be treated with more respect.

So what does Heidi do? She gives her son the independence he desires and all the responsibilities that come along with it. Take a look below to see her amazing response.


Heidi Johnson

When mom posted the letter on Facebook, it was meant to be seen by her friends and family only. However, the letter was so popular that it quickly went outside of her social circle. It went viral in less than a week.

After seeing the letter, Aaron stormed out of the house in frustration. Later in the day, he also staged a “sit in” in his mother’s room that was intended to protest the letter. His exact words were “Really? What are you going to do? You can’t take my stuff.”

Fortunately, after mom actually took his stuff away, he realized the error of his ways. Aaron apologized to his mother and began earning some of his stuff back. He isn’t 100% off the hook according to mom but she’s glad that the punishment is working.

Some people on Facebook have criticized Heidi for her methodology. However, she isn’t phased by the negative comments. Heidi feels this is preparing her son for the harshness of the real world.

She never actually planned to take her son’s money or send him to the streets if he didn’t have enough for rent. This letter was written in hopes of getting Aaron to realize what it’s like to be a real adult.

“He wants the perks of growing up without the responsibility that comes with it” Heidi writes on Facebook. After this experience, Aaron has decided to stay as a kid for a few more years.

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When A 13-Year-Old Boy Disrespected His Mom, He Never Expected THIS To Happen… WHOA!

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