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When The Cameras Stopped Rolling, They Never Expected Steve To Do THIS.. VIRAL Video..

In recent years, Steve Harvey has become one of the biggest names in television. It all started when he became the host of Family Feud in 2010. He brought life into a game show that seemed to be losing popularity every single year.

Steve did such an amazing job as the host that it lead to another opportunity. He was given a day time talk show in 2012 that’s simply called “Steve Harvey”. This show also proved be a success and has been renewed throughout 2016.

Steve’s career only continued to grow from there. In 2015, he hosted the miss universe competition and became a household name when he declared the wrong woman as the winner. It was an innocent mistake but the media blew it way out of proportion.

Fortunately, this innocent mistake lead to even more success for Steve. He was recently given the opportunity to host NBC’s hit series “Little Big Shots”. Once again, Steve proved to be a hit with the viewers.

With so much success under his belt, Steve Harvey recently decided to share some words with his fans. He talked about the concept of making mistakes and asking for forgiveness. He’s a man who is proud of his faith and truly believes it has been crucial in his success.

See the viral moment for yourself. Check it out below.

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When The Cameras Stopped Rolling, They Never Expected Steve To Do THIS.. VIRAL Video..

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