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Who unleashed Abu Sayyafs in Bohol? Atty. Rivera intriguing Facebook post might give us the clue

Since President Duterte assumed the presidency, the Abu Sayyafs has been on the run due to sustained military offensives against the bandits.

Even the aging but elusive Abu Sayyaf Commander Radullan Sahiron must be feeling the pressure and has sent surrender feelers to the authorities and give up the life of banditry.

In fact, 16 Abu Sayyaf members have already surrendered from January to April 2017 due to the intensified military offensives.

Despite their dwindling numbers, the Abu Sayyafs went on an kidnapping expedition in Bohol, only to be thwarted by alert civilians who reported their presence to the local authorities.

The daring raid in Bohol have been raising eyebrows on social media, leading some to speculate the bandits made the move upon the orders by moneyed and powerful patrons who have everything to gain in an unstable Duterte government.

Atty. Bruce Rivera is the leading proponent of a conspiracy theory surrounding the Abu Sayyafs. Read the post below.


There was a time when the Abu Sayaff has lost its capabilities because the government has basically disarmed them and limited their place of control. Having lost financial support from the Al Qaeda, the ASG was bound to oblivion.

And now, they have found new blood.

I cannot help but feel very suspicious that when the LP and narco-syndicates are railroading the Duterte administration, the ASG began to rear its ugly head once again. It bothers me that Davao City was bombed and Bohol was attacked (Evasco, a Duterte ally is from Bohol). However, what really bothers me is this hanging question: where does the ASG get its new-found courage? Who will benefit from these attacks? And most importantly, does a conspiracy exists?

The drug syndicate groups hate PRRD because he is bad for their business. The LP wants PRRD out to prevent their prosecution for plunder. And the ASG, wanting a clear purpose, only wants monetary gain using terror as a tool. All three need each other.

Question is, have they found each other?

Kirs Ten agreed with Atty. Rivera and picked up where the former left off.

Conspiracy Theory can be considered with these scenarios:

1. It is possible that this the attacked of ASG was sponsored by a ________ country just like what they did to Bengazi and Iraq attack to oust/kill Kadafi & Hussein. This were their desperate measures to be in total control again of the country(oil) when the mentioned leaders refused to listen to what they dictate. Why all of a sudden the _____ country went silent criticizing Pres. Duterte’s decisions? This could be a sneaky attack to divide and conquer a country that once they called their ally.

2. LP, Oligarchs,Leni and Trillanes might have something to do with this. Who knew what they discussed during those multiple trips abroad.

3. This might be a conspiracy to destabilize Philippines just like what they did during Marcos time. When Marcos refused to be dictated by world powers, their desperate attempt was to staged an assasination of Ninoy and put the blame on Marcos so the people will start to revolt. It was very successful, they regained their power and continue to corrupt the natural resources of the Philippines since Cory’s administration.

4. Philippines was supposed to be long way progressive and economically sufficient at par with Singapore. Looking back 20-40 years, the life of the Filipinos became more poorer and while the Oligarchs continue to enriched themselves.

5. We had been mentally manipulated through main stream media that our country was doing okay during the yellowtards term. One of their diversionary tactics was to propagate TV shows that was not politically inclined for a regular Filipino to think deeply. Instead, our minds were set to talk about showbiz, pelikulas pa-cute na talentless Kris Aquino and tele nobelas. Lahat ng kababawan nasa TV except a mind stimulating program that will help empower an ordinary citizen to think and analyze. Keep the filipino minds dumb so everybody will never questioned their hidden agendas and inefficient leadership.

6. Involved the Catholic church as a true guardian of our morality. Whoever bow to the priest or CBCP were considered worthy of our trust to become a politician(check the publications of Delima kneeling in Baclaran on a front page, Cory was blest by the Pope, Nuns were on the Edsa rally etc)

7. Since they could not win the hearts of the Filipino people at this time of the century, torrorize the peace loving citizen was their only option to grab back their power.

Now is the time for all of us to hold hand and hand, fight for what is right. Continue to be well informed in the matters of politics and forget the diversionary tactics of tv shows, newspapers and radio station. Huwag nating pabayaan na panatilihin tayong bobo ng mga LP. Patuloy na magmasid, makialam at makipag laban para sa ating kapakanan at inang bayan.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Your thoughts, please!

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Who unleashed Abu Sayyafs in Bohol? Atty. Rivera intriguing Facebook post might give us the clue

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