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Why Davao is considered a safe city! Check this out!

With the recent success of presumptive President Mayor Rodrigo DigongDuterte in the recently concluded 2016 elections, one can’t resist looking at what the 20yearsMayor usually presents on all his campaign sorties known as exhibit “A” otherwise known as Davao City.
If you’ve been to the city, you may have experienced what the good Mayor and its inhabitants known as “dabawenyos” have been blessed with. So for onlookers, here’s an article where it cited 10 reasons why Davao is considered to the 5th safest city in the world and probably the safest in our country.  
Among the reasons cited, I testify to reason #1, where it says Rules are strictly implemented in the cities.  Take the example of No Smoking in public areas, where upon reaching the tarmac of Davao City’s airport a public address is heard reminding all tourists of its stern implementation.  Mind you know celebrities have been penalized for not observing this rule when in the city.
I also like reason number 4 where it reads, Strangers don’t have to worry about abusive taxi drivers and locals.  I also witness this first hand, where all taxi’s have ID issued by the City Urban Planning Committee.  Don’t be surprised if the taxi driver gives you change because it is a habit there.

And if there’s is one reason I want to see implemented across the nation, that is reason number 2, the city’s 911 team is highly efficient.  Just think about having one like that in the metro, where ambulances and other caring agencies respond in the fraction of time and free.
I believe Davao speaks of the beloved Mayor his character, leadership and governance.  What reason/s do you like? And just like me what would you want to happen across our country?
Better yet, why don’t you consider going to Davao so you can see it firsthand.

Source: Cracker Daily
Why Davao is considered a safe city! Check this out!

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