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Why Funny Men Are Better In Making Love? MUST READ!

When a woman is asked about their preferences when it comes to men, they would often say that they wanted someone who can provide, has good looks and intelligent. 
But according to the studies conducted by experts, the result shows that funny men are more attractive to women. There are a lot of women who falls in love with men that has a great sense of humor. 
But aside from capturing the hearts of women, funny men are also more capable of satisfying their partners when it comes to bed and making love.

The study included 44 healthy women who are in a relationship with different kinds of men. The studies revealed that more satisfaction.

Based on the statement of Psychology Today, “Women with partners who had a great sense of humor enjoyed more orgasms and stronger ones as well. Women also reported that funny partners were more popular, more intelligent, more creative, and had better leadership skills than men who did not have a great sense of humor. Women also initiated more sex with men who have a great sense of humor, and had more sex with them in general.”

It only goes to show that funny men have more advantage when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. 
Source: SizzlingFeed

Source: Trending News Portal
Why Funny Men Are Better In Making Love? MUST READ!

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