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Widow Loses Php30 Million to Handsome ‘American’ Boyfriend with Oil Business in Malaysia

A widow looking for love ended up losing not just her love but also Php30 million of her hard-earned cash to her handsome ‘American’ boyfriend who turned out to be a scammer.

Loida (not her real name) is a 52-year-old widow based in Guimaras island, in western Visayas, central Philippines. She was married to a British national with whom she had multiple businesses, including resorts and boarding houses as well as properties like vehicles and houses. She also had a good amount of money in several bank accounts.

While looking for another man to love last year, Loida met “Stephen Desmond Nelson” who introduced himself as an American based in Chicago. Stephen told Loida he had an oil-related business in Malaysia.

After meeting online in March 2016, the relationship would soon turn romantic. And while they never actually met in person, Stephen managed to convince Loida to partner with him in an expansion venture for his oil-related business, this time in the Philippines.

Photo credit: NBI Western Visayas / Inquirer

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Excited at the prospect of growing her own business and partnering with her ‘real-time’ partner, Loida agreed. While the venture required a Php500 million capital, Stephen promised to send the money to Loida’s bank accounts.

Trusting that her boyfriend was working for their future, Loida readily shared details of her six bank accounts which had deposits amounting to Php10 million – money she had earned with her late British husband.

Loida was also asked to send Php260,000 to Malaysia for ‘processing fees’ and various expenses to be incurred in opening the business. When Stephen wasn’t able to send the promised Php500 million to her accounts ‘due to difficulties’, he told her they needed to hire an agency to process the transfer – and she readily agreed to sending Php7 million to defray the expenses.

This happened a number of times until Loida realized all her money from the bank accounts were gone – not just in legitimate transactions but also withdrawals she didn’t do herself! Moreover, in the course of several months, she had pawned or sold various properties, including two vehicles as well as various real properties and a resort in Manila and Mindanao – sending the money to Malaysia for her online ‘boyfriend’.

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Widow Loses Php30 Million to Handsome ‘American’ Boyfriend with Oil Business in Malaysia

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