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Willie promised something to "Carrot Man" that left him in tears! Find out what it is!

The wish of the Carrot man was indeed granted when he was able to meet Willie Revillame, but what’s even more interesting is that it didn’t just happen once. In fact, he was even invited to appear as a guest on the show of Willie called “Wowowin.”
The 21-year-old Igorot from the Mountain PRovince who was identified as Jeyrick Sigmaton has shared to everyone the story of his life and of course his dream to finish his studies.
He told Willie Revillame that all his life, he has been working hard for his family and even decided to sacrifice and start working at the age of 12 to be able to help his family

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Since Willie was touched by his story, he decided to give him several gifts, but the best gift that he was able to receive was Willie’s promise to help him finish his studies. Yes, Willie promised that he’ll send him to school

Source: Cracker Daily
Willie promised something to “Carrot Man” that left him in tears! Find out what it is!

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