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With US Open win, Andy Murray ends Britain’s Grand Slam drought

For the crowd at the US Open, it took him five hours. For the people of Britain, it took 76 years. But finally, the long wait is over. A new British champion has finally emerged. Andy Murray is the winner of the 2012 US Open, his first ever Grand Slam.

Andy Murray reached the US Open final after going through Marin Cilic, Tomas Berdych and finally his long-nemesis Novak Djokovic. During the semifinal, Murray and Berdych played for almost four hours. In the US Open final, Murray and Novak battled five grueling sets for five grueling hours. But in the end, it was Murray who got through finally.

The US Open final scores:  7-6 7-5 2-6 3-6 6-2. Victor: Andy Murray

Andy Murray has long been criticized of being a mere finalist. Ranked fourth in the world behind Novak, Nadal and Federer, Murray has reached Grand Slam finals four times in his career. And in each of those four, Murray always seemingly choked and cracked under the pressure.

“I have been asked about it many times when I got close to winning grand slams before. I hope now it inspires some kids to play tennis and also takes away the notion that British tennis players choke or don’t win, or it’s not a good sport.”

Andy Murray has lost many big Slam matches. At the 2010 Australian Open, Andy Murray broke into tears after losing to World #1 Roger Federer. This year, Murray faced and lost again to Federer at the Wimbledon final. Murray though was able to avenge his defeat by winning against Federer during the London Olympics, capturing the gold medal.

Against Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray has now pulled dead even. His US Open victory against the Serbian makes their career matches stand at 8-8. He has lost two Australian Open finals to Novak, in 2011 and this year. While Murray was defeated in straight sets in 2011, their showdown at the 2012 Australian Open was a five hour endurance thriller. Pretty much like their US Open final. The only difference was this time, Murray would walk away victorious.

Novak was disappointed at his US Open loss. Yet he also felt a certain degree of joy for Murray who was a good friend of his.

“Happy that he won it. Andy has all the capacity he needs, all the talent on the court. He’s dedicated, he’s professional. He has proven that many years already with his results.”, said Djokovic.

Murray’s US Open victory also validates his position as part of the tennis Big Four. With Federer eliminated in the quarterfinals and Nadal not participating, the US Open was his and Novak’s show, who is currently the World #2. While it may take some time for him to catch up to Nadal, Murray has now clearly demonstrated that for him anything is possible.

For now, Murray savors his first ever Slam. And Britain will surely applaud their champion. After Fred Perry, it’s Andy Murray‘s time now.


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