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‘X-Men: First Class’ the new mutation


X-Men First Class, one of the awaited movies for this year. The movie which portrays characters from the previous films in younger years of the mutants X-Men, centers on a disparate group of humans with quirky superpowers, led by an idealistic professor (McAvoy) and a vengeful Holocaust survivor (Fassbender). It thrusts them into a do-or-die battle with a villainous mutant, played by Kevin Bacon, and a high-stakes Cold War game between the Americans and the Soviets.

“X-Men” First Class is set against such historical events as the 1962 Cuban missile crisis that are unfamiliar to much of the film’s target audience of teens and twenty somethings. With this concept, many fans could almost believe that there had been mutants during the Cuban Missile crisis.


Reviews for X-Men First Class seems to have a positive result and movie goers seems to like the movie. IMO, the 20th Century Fox who produced the movie obviously wanted to regain the success of the X-Men’s first two franchise.

x-men-first-class the latest X-Men franchise First Class,

“X-Men: First Class will have no problem fending off The Hangover Part II and Kung Fu Panda 2 in order to claim the top spot at the box office this coming weekend.”

Joshua Starnes of says,

The short version is X-Men: First Class is an excellent return to form after several mis-steps, capturing everything that made the series great and jettisoning must of the unnecessary stuff.

The two comments are just among the few positive response towards the movie and we will expect

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