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Woman Discovered Something Disgusting Inside Her Chocolate Drink. Check It Out!

Netizen Shau Marc Delgado Canas shared a stomach-churning experience on social media after discovering something disgusting inside her chocolate drink. On March 2, she decided to purchase a box of Zest-O Chocolate Milk Drink. Instead of being indulged with a lush flavor of chocolate, she tasted something equally disgusting like vomit!

Curious to find out as to why the drink tasted foul and revolting, she decided to open the pack to take a look at what’s inside. To her surprise, she was greeted with a gross sight! Blobs of chocolate were found inside the drink which not only tasted like vomit, but also smelled so repulsive as described by Shau! Photos of the chocolate drink were uploaded on her account on Facebook and from there, many netizens took notice.

The post has already gathered thousands of likes and shares, drawing attention from many people stating that they also had a similar experience with other chocolate drinks before. It drew mixed reactions, with people saying that the drink was already expired hence the foul smell and taste. Shau’s advice to people out there who like to buy chocolate drinks in pouches and sachets is to make sure that the drink is not expired and better yet, transfer the chocolate drink in a clear glass to check if it’s palatable.

The images she shared online went viral, enough to repel anyone from buying the product again. Check out the photos right down below and see for yourself how disgusting and off-putting Shau’s experience with the chocolate drink!

Have you experienced something similar like this in your chocolate drink? If so, kindly tell us through the comments section down below! Don’t forget to share the post to spread the word!

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Kahapon, bumili kami ng #zesto choc-o isang box nayun po nagulat kami ng mainum ng misis KO na buntis ung isa sa laman…
Posted by Shau Marc Delgado Canas on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Source: TrendaFeed
Woman Discovered Something Disgusting Inside Her Chocolate Drink. Check It Out!

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