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Yassi Pressman VS Angelica "Pastillas Girl" Yap in a Sizzling Hot Dance Showdown !

Following Yassi Pressman’s viral “Work” by Rihanna cover, it’s now time for Pastillas Girl to show the world what she really got. Watch Angelica Yap a.k.a “Pastillas Girl” dance cover of “Work” by Rihanna. It was recalled that the sizzling hot dance cover of Yassi Pressman’s “Work” by Rihanna got totally turned us into an instant fan. Today, Pastillas Girl’s version starts to gain a lot of attention regardless that it was uploaded days ago before Yassi’s dance cover.

This dance cover of Pastillas Girl might leave you wanting for more since it was only a clip of 30 seconds highlighting the best part of the dance which is the twerking. And speaking of twerking, we can say that just like Yassi Pressman, Pastillas Girl also twerks wholesomely with elegance. We also do commend her snappy movements – a skill that good dancers possess.

Going through the netizen’s comments, many expressed their admiration towards the showbiz newbie and agreed that Angelica Yap has something to offer in the industry. Of course, there were some bashers but let’s just set that aside and just focus on the positive side. Overall, we couldn’t agree more that Angelica Yap has a great potential in the Showbiz industry. As of now, Pastillas Girl’s “Work” by Rihanna Dance Cover has hit more than 840K views.

Source: Freedamn
Source: ControversialFiles
Yassi Pressman VS Angelica “Pastillas Girl” Yap in a Sizzling Hot Dance Showdown !

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