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You’ll Be Shocked At What These Girls Do To Each Other

In this age of social media and technology, almost everyone wants to get noticed, and what could be more effective than to play hilarious, if not outrageous pranks, on each other? 
Members of the girl group eighty83three, did just that. Their compilation of pranks was posted by Fortafy, a Facebook page featuring viral video and posts.  
The pranks range from waking each other up through the use of an air horn to pulling down each other’s shorts in a public place or a department store. 
While many netizens found these pranks funny, others seemed to take offense. 
One netizen expressed disappointment over a visual prank. 
“I wonder if this video is about pranks or just showing each other’s butts,” the netizen commented. 
Another was concerned with other people cleaning up their pranks, especially the one where they poured soda on each other’s heads.  
“The poor employee who has to clean up coke in the floor and table. Never find these funny, ” he reacted.  
A lot of pranks have sprung like mushrooms in social media sites. Others involve a killer clown, while some are utilize technology, like the elevator prank. It seems like being a prankster is really a big popularity boost nowadays.  
Whatever the reason might be, it looks like these girls will still follow through with a lot more pranks in the future. 
Do you find their pranks funny or offensive? 
Watch video here:

Source: Cracker Daily
You’ll Be Shocked At What These Girls Do To Each Other

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