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You’ve Been Using ATM Machines Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s Why!

ATM scams and frauds have become a rising problem worldwide. Thieves and criminals are doing their very best to retrieve your information and you should be very aware in order to avoid being a victim.

In order to avoid becoming a victim of this trickery, make sure to be aware of these signs so that you can keep your information safe when using your ATM.

#5 ATM Fraud
A scanner is used on the machine to copy and take your information from your card.

#4 Avoid Using Random ATM’s
In order to avoid being a victim of scams, avoid using ATM’s that aren’t attached to your bank. This way, you can make sure that your bank is the only one that has your information.

#3 Observe the Machine Carefully
If there’s anything suspicious about the machine, don’t use it. Check the card slot carefully before putting your card in.#2 Do the Tug Test
Once you insert your ATM card, slowly do the tug test by pulling it out a bit to make sure that there are no scanners in the card slot!

#1 Be safe at all times!
You should always be alert and aware of your surroundings when making transactions in an ATM machine. Stay safe!

These are the things you should always keep in mind when using ATM machines to keep you, your information and your cash safe at all times!

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You’ve Been Using ATM Machines Wrong Your Entire Life. Here’s Why!

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